Samsung now lets you ‘Buy and Try’ Galaxy foldable phones for 100 days

As you all know the Samsung Foldable smartphones are very expansive everyone can’t afford it. Some people afford it but those people think before buying; it will be work for us or not? For those Samsung extended its return period from 15 days to 100 days. Now you can refund it after using more than 3 months. So, its a very good deal. This program of Samsung called “Buy and Try” program.

You can easily buy this smartphone without too much risk. You can now save around $550 with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G by sending your old your old phone.

A Samsung Spoken said according to Verge “This new initiative will help consumers try and see if a foldable device is right for them, as part of Samsung’s commitment to making foldable devices more accessible for everyone,”

The Buy and Try 100-day return offer is only available on Samsung’s webstore, and only applies to Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G or Galaxy Z Flip 5G devices purchased before April 1st, 2021.

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