Best Fuel Efficient or Fuel Saving Cars In Pakistan 2021

In Pakistan as most of the people belong to middle class families. And the fuel prices are increasing day by day. So, people want fuel efficient cars for their daily use. In this Blog we bring here some cars which have best fuel economy. And these cars belong to different price categories. There are plenty of cars on the streets in Pakistan; you’ll find everything from a Mehran to a Prado, Fortuner, Porsche, and many more! This list has both Japanese and other different makes, which are considered the most fuel-efficient cars in the country.

Here is the list of Best Fuel Efficient Cars in Pakistan.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 2021 -24 km/l

Hyundai Ioniq iharoon

Hyundai IONIC is a Best compact liftback manufactured. This car is recently launched by Hyundai in Pakistan. Ioniq is equipped with 1.6L engine with 6-speed DCT (dual-clutch transmission) that can produce 102 horsepower and its electric motor can produce 43 horsepower so totally Hyundai ionic can produce 145 horsepower with hybrid engines. It price in Pakistan is around Rs. 6.4 million rupees.

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Toyota Aqua -17 km/l

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua is a best subcompact hybrid hatchback. This car was introduced in 2012 now this car is very much improved. It comes with 1.5L engine which can give you around 17 km/l fuel average. Its price is around 3.5 million in Pakistan. This car has good exterior design it gives sporty look.

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Changan Alsvin16 km/l

Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin is a best sedan in its price range. It is a subcompact sedan produced by Chinese Auto makers Changan Automobiles. This car is the best competitor of Toyota Yaris. This car provides you very decent fuel average of 16 km/l. Changan Aslvin is the best value for money sedan because this car not only have good fuel average but also it have best latest features. It have cruise control, Tire pressure monitoring system, Projector head lamps, DRL, Sun roof, Shark Fin Antenna, REAR COMBINATION TAIL LAMPS and Euro 5 Engine. Alsvin comes with both 5-speed Manual transmission and 4-speed automatic transmmisson. Its features and its design stands up this car in its price category.

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Daihatsu Mira -24 km/l

Daihatsu Mira es

Daihastu Mira Es comes with 660 cc engine. It gives you best fuel average around around 24 km/l. It is a best budget friendly car. As it have low price around 1 million so anyone can easily afford it. It is considered to be the best Family car. Daihstu Mira is built by Japanese car manufacturer Daihstu. And Daihstu Mira Es is a fully automatic car. Also it have some features which makes it valuable in this range.

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Toyota Prius -24 km/l

Toyota Prius in pakistan

Toyota Prius is a one of the best fuel efficient car but its latest model is quite expansive that everyone cannot afford in Pakistan. But its old models can be easily affordable. The price of its latest model is around 9.2 million rupees. And also Prius 2021 model can give you the mileage of 36 to 40 km/l.

Honda Fit 2020 -16 km/l

Honda fit in Pakistan

Honda Fit 2020 gives you Excellent Fuel average thanks to its low weight. Manual model of Honda Fit gives you around 13 km/l in City and 17 km/l Highway. This car gives you sporty look. Honda Fit is a Value for money Car as this car provides best safety features. Honda Fit is the best subcompact car because offers the best combination of quality and value in its class.

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Suzuki Every -21 km/l

Suzuki Every in Pakistan

Suzuki Every is a best option for a Family it have capacity of 7 seats. It is a Budget Friendly Car in Pakistan. It has a decent amount of boot space so it can be a best choice for trips as it can carry much amount of goods. Suzuki Every can also provide you best fuel average around 20 to 23 km/l.

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